Can’t believe this is my job


Wow what a few weeks it’s been, but it has left me with a very satisfying feeling and the urge to pinch myself and ask, is this really what I do for a job.  Radio and events management life if a crazy one as you can imagine, it might have so called ‘unsociable hours’ but there’s no greater feeling than standing side of stage watching the audience’s reaction to a show that I’ve put together.

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Is the integrity of a brand affected by ownership?

“Success will come and go but integrity is forever”


It was recently brought to attention in the press that seemingly independent South East coffee chain Harris & Hoole is actually 49% owned by retail giant Tesco. This caused outrage with some their customers, with one saying she feels ‘duped’.

The story highlights an interesting point; whether the integrity of a brand is affected by ownership. Continue reading

Kellogg’s Krave – Case Study

I was recently asked to present a marketing campaign which turned my eye recently.  There are several campaigns around at the moment that have caught my attention.  For example I love the on-going comedic ‘here come the girls’ television adverts for Boots that target middle aged women.

This campaign reaches out to women in a different way than most brands looking to target this demographic, and I think they do it really well. However, Boots on the whole might operate an integrated strategy, but this particular campaign focuses around one communication channel – TV.

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