Slightly Offbeat Romantic Movies

Always late to the party I thought I would share some slightly less obvious romantic film choices in the spirit of all things Valentines… several days after Valentines Day has occurred.

It’s fine, some people don’t do Valentines Day anyway, perhaps one may be surprised with spontaneous, day of romantic sometime in the future. And when that day comes I will be fully prepare with a list of suitable films to watch.

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Surviving Party Season – Fake It ’til You Make It

A week into December and party season is well and truly upon us. Christmas is a great excuse to catch up with that friend you’ve not seen for yonks and go out for a few too many bottles of Prosecco, not to mention all the prearranged Christmas parties, and well just sitting in with the heating on full blast chugging down on gallons of red wine and scoffing on blue cheese. All the excessive booze consumption and late nights can make working 9 to 5 a painful chore.
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