About Lizzy

About LizzyHi I’m Lizzy, that’s Lizzy with a Y, I get upset if you spell it wrong.

I’m a marketing professional working in the radio industry. I specialist in live music and experiential events… but that’s not all I’m about.

I’m an experienced brand manager who creates integrated marketing campaigns designed to extend the reach of the radio stations, raise awareness of the brands, change perception and encourage trial.

I hold responsibility for digital content and maintaining social accounts so I’m pretty clued up on all things online, I also take a personal interested in geeky web stuff too, as you can see from this website so I speak in basic code and can navigate myself around a CMS.

I’m most proud of my amazing marketing support team. I manage a team of 20 casual staff who represent the radio stations to deliver on the ground marketing activity. Recruited and trained by yours truly, I ensure we deliver an on brand experience every time we’re interacting with the public. I’m biased but they really are my little superstars.

I occasionally like to blog, but it’s just a bit of fun for those times I just have to get something off my chest. Mainly subjected around my three favorite past times, music, food and fitness.

A few little tip bits about me –

  • I try to be a total health freak but as I write this I’m tucking into a crisp sandwich… I find them life’s little simple pleasure. I’m also partial to a slice of pizza or five.
  • I live in Manchester, I’m not from here originally but after 10 years in this city I don’t call anywhere else home. It truly is the finest place on earth.
  • I like to climb rocks for fun. I might look all six inch heels and freshly painted nails, but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I love been outdoors, and for 6 weeks in 2010 I lived in a tent (I was back packing around New Zealand).

About Lizzy


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