Veganuary – The Update

Woodstock Vegan Salad

Entering into the final week of January should see me reflecting on my new found Vegan lifestyle but truth be told, I’ve been a pretty terrible vegan. Shameful in fact.

The first few days I was pretty dedicated, it took me a little while to get into my groove and realise that I didn’t need to be cooking weird concoctions, I could just eat a lot of the stuff I normally would with a few small changes. Frustrations came from milk and egg being hidden in the strangest of places but I soon became a ninja at a reading labels and basically didn’t eat anything processes which is my mantra anyway.

I ate out on New Years Day which was a huge disappointment. As my friends scoffed into burgers with cheese while I was left with no choice but to have the quinoa salad, not quite the hangover cure I would have hoped for. It wasn’t event a quinoa salad, it was a beetroot salad with the tiniest spinkling of quinoa (lead photograph). It wasn’t event dressed, it was bland and well just shit and cost the same as a burger. The Woodstock in Didsbury should be ashamed of itself.  I ordered chips and onion rings (FYI no egg in the batter) on the side to make up for it.

All was going so well until I came to eat out again.  My friend and I frequented a popular Greek restaurant in Manchester where we proceeded to order multiple small plates to share. Upon ordering a couple of vegan friendly aubergine dishes we were swiftly told that they were out of aubergines. WTF? A Greek restaurant out of aubergine? They might as well have shut up shop for the evening and saved me my misery. After that all Veganuary rules went out of the window and I ate meat and cheese. Terrible, awful, cheat I know.  I had a mild pang of guilt and then got back on track the next day.

That was until the next time I ate out. I eat out a lot and basically I’m a bad person and I’ve not even really been trying.  Here’s what I’ve learnt…

  • I will never be able to give up my obsession with mayonnaise
  • Soya milk is lush, would happily replace cows milk for the rest of my life
  • I’m probably not going to buy eggs again, but when they’re hidden in stuff I’m OK with that
  • I need yogurt and ice cream in my life
  • I can’t eat stodgy carbs like rice, beans, lentils or pasta everyday
  • It’s very easy to be unhealthy as a vegan and eat lots processed food and I’m not cool with that
  • I’m going to be more conscious about products derived from animals but I’m not ready to make the full change just yet

I might have been a rubbish vegan but the process has helped me to realise what’s important to me… eating fresh, unprocessed home prepared food. I’ve reignited my flare to  get organised and start thinking about what shovel in my mouth again.


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