I have decided to do ‘Veganuary’ an initiative that’s doing the rounds this January which encourages people to go Vegan for a whole month.

Although I’m jumping on the band wagon, this is something that I’ve thought about doing for a while.  I’m always one for experimenting and up for a challenge but just never got myself to do it before.  As December drew to a close I cleared out my fridge of all products derived from animals and committed to the course.

As a red blooded, lifelong meat eater why have I decided to go vegan rather than just veggie? I was diagnosed with depression a few months ago. Depression has reeked havoc with every little detail of myself. I go from not being able to sleep, to be wanting to nap all afternoon. From barely eating anything to gorging out on sweet treats. Some days just getting out of the house to go to work takes all my energy so, even though I know it will make me feel better, of going to the gym to seems like very long hike up a very steep mountain.

I want to take on this challenge to refocus on my own personal health and well-being. During the Christmas festivities usual healthy lifestyle habits go out of the window a bit and may have over consumed a tiny bit.  But for me I was on the slippy slop long before that. Usually a gym junky and clean eating ninja the last few month have seen fallout of my routine and become unmotivated, self conscious with a little self loathing in there too.

I’ve always been interested in the way food and exercise can effect a persons well-being. Depression lead me to drift away from my good clean living habits, but I strongly believe that if I get back on track it will help me in my recovery. Going vegan is such a drastic change for me that it is going to take focus and determination to stay on track, two things I think my head need right now.

Of course, it’s more that just about me, me, me. Production of animal products whether that be meat or dairy place a heavy burden of the environment, add to that the cruelty and poor conditions put on animals which are kept for food production (for more info check out the Vegan Society). I want to me more conscious of the impact that I have on this world.  I see Veganuary as a chance for me to discover more about it.

Oh and I’m not just doing Veganuary, I’m also doing Dry January…. well I never like to make life easy for myself, do I? I wish to remain respectful to people who adopt a vegan lifestyle 100% of the time, but hopefully breakdown some of the stigmas and become more thoughtful to those who do.

I plan to document my vegan journey to see if I really can have a positive effect on my health by eating nothing fun, I mean, from animals :-p


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