Major Lazer: Peace Is The Mission

Major Lazer Peace Is The Mission


It’s been ages since I actually listened to a whole album from start to finish.  I’m forever on a Spoitfy click-a-thon from one artist to another trying that one song that will go in my ultimate summers sounds playlist or blissful Sunday evening soundtrack.

Loads of my favourite bands and artists released albums over the last few week so I’ve made it my mission to give their works of art the respect they deserve and listen to them in full from start to finish. This week it’s the third album from Major Lazer, Peace Is The Mission.

Major Lazer have always had their roots firmly in dancehall and that is no exception in this record especially on ‘Too Original’ and ‘Light It Up’. However where the other albums have failed to go mainstream this one is pretty much guaranteed to be a sure fire hit, which a huge injection of pop. Capitalising on the EDM trend and with collaborations from the likes of Ellie Goulding and Ariana Grande more Major Lazer tunes are likely to be gracing our airwaves this summer, following the huge success of ‘Lean On’ featuring MO and DJ Snake.

I can now say I’ve listen to the album in full several times. It would make a great gym soundtrack with loads of energy to get you motivated. ‘Lean On’ is already my anthem for this summer but I love the more blissful vibes of ‘Be Together’; and because I love an obnoxious baseline, ‘Blaze Up The Fire’ is another fave.


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