Slightly Offbeat Romantic Movies

Always late to the party I thought I would share some slightly less obvious romantic film choices in the spirit of all things Valentines… several days after Valentines Day has occurred.

It’s fine, some people don’t do Valentines Day anyway, perhaps one may be surprised with spontaneous, day of romantic sometime in the future. And when that day comes I will be fully prepare with a list of suitable films to watch.

True Romance – Just your average love story between a comic book store guy and hooker who get married and steal fuck tonnes of cocaine from her pimp and get chased around Hollywood by a lot of cops and gangsters. A very cool film.

Lost In Translation – A faded movie star and a neglected young woman from an unlikely bond when their paths cross in a Tokyo hotel.

A Lot Like Love – OK so I know this has Ashton Kutcher in it and therefore is technically less quirky and cool than the other films in the list, but I just love this movie. Great story about friendship, one that the trailer doesn’t do justice. The trailer makes this film look shit in fact! Just trust me on this one. Tale of an unlikely pair who’s path keep crossing over seven years.

Silver Linings Playbook – This is just flipping brilliant isn’t it. Witty, funny and just lovely. Love sends us all a little crazy, but is the much needed therapy for two trouble neighbours.

Juno – Always held this film in high esteem. What’s more romantic than teenage pregnancy and the American adoption system.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – This process is reminding me of films I’ve not watched in ages and really need to revisit. I’m sure we’ve all had a relationship we wish we could just erase from our memories.

Be sure to stop by my blog in three weeks time when no doubt I will get round to documenting something about Pancake Day!


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