So much for taking better care of myself…

In the theme of following up on my New Years Resolutions post I thought I would fill you in on my last two weeks of hell. I had the most horrendous allergic reaction to a body lotion resulting in having to take a course of steroids for the next month.

I don’t consider myself to have sensitive skin, and until this happened had never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life. But the days that proceeded applying ESPA Essential Body Lotion sent me into a spiral of discomfort and misery.I had all the best intensions, body brushing and moisturising after my morning shower, all in the name of taking better care of myself and sticking to my New Years Resolutions. I’d run out of my usual body lotion but digging around in the back of the cupboard I found the luxury spa brand product that was gifted to me.A treat, I thought, to use a high end product rather than the high street stuff I usually slather all over me. Little did I know what would unfold in the days that followed. It started with a little itchy and a small red patch on my collar bone within a couple of day my whole chest and neck was covered. I thought it would subside after a few days but it just got worse and worse. A week after the only application and I was covered, neck to toe. It was uncomfortable and I felt like a scabby mong!Needless to say the ESPA Essential Body Lotion bottle and its remaining contents can now be found in some landfill site somewhere very far from my persons. I will undergo test with the dermatologist to discover the exact ingredient that set off such an aggressive reaction with me.

Nearly three weeks on now and I’d say I’m pretty much over the reaction, and I’ve started to try and get my skin back to a normal state of hydration using tried and test Body Shop pink grapefruit body lotion. I had no idea I would be taking the New Year, New Me mantra so literally with a complete new skin!


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