New Year. New Me.

New Year, New Me. That old cliché, I say it ironically… honest. But joking apart the new year is a good excuse to have a bit of an over haul and refocus on ones self. We’re half way through January so I thought it was about time I made some New Years Resolutions.

I have a terrible skin regime for example, which given that the age 30 is getting ever closers to me I think I should probably pay more attention to. I’ll always wash my face but I’m terrible for removing eye make-up and often fall asleep with smears of black under my eyes. I nearly always forget to moisturise. I’ve decided I just generally want to keep myself looking more polished. Rather like owning a car, getting it serviced regularly helps to prevent problems later down the line (yes I did just compare myself to a car)…

Over the last few months I’ve let the pounds I work hard so hard to shake off, creep back on. I’ve let me my will power waver and taken to snacking that little bit too much. Add to that I’ve got bored and lazy with my workouts. I want to get back on track and be fit, strong and healthy again.

Just when I was in need to a little motivation Sports England released this awesome promotional video to inspire us to get of our arses.

I intend to get more intelligent in 2015. I want to read more, and not just good novels but books about history and politics and stuff relating to my job. I have a thirst for knowledge but I’m a pretty slow reader which inevitable means books sit unread on my bedside table for months. I plan to change that this year. Put my phone away before bed and pick up a book instead.
I like to think I’m a pretty positive person, and I try to keep an optimistic outlook on things but sometimes its easy to let trying times get on top of me. I know I let this happen last year, I intend to take more control over the way I let situations affect me and make good things happen for myself.
I realise none of this is practically original, I’m so boring perhaps I should get fat for 2015 instead? Anyway, I’m sure I’ll blog about how I get on. Nothing like the scrutiny of others to keep me on track.

Your comments are welcomed

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