Surviving Party Season – Fake It ’til You Make It

A week into December and party season is well and truly upon us. Christmas is a great excuse to catch up with that friend you’ve not seen for yonks and go out for a few too many bottles of Prosecco, not to mention all the prearranged Christmas parties, and well just sitting in with the heating on full blast chugging down on gallons of red wine and scoffing on blue cheese. All the excessive booze consumption and late nights can make working 9 to 5 a painful chore.

But work we must do, and even though we know everyone else is going through the same hell we’ve got to pull ourselves together and act like a normal composed human beings. We certainly can’t let our boss see that secretly we’re sneaking off to vomit or take a cheeky nap in the stationery cupboard. So here’s a little guide to surviving party season.

Fake it ’til you make it…

The best way to convince everyone you’re completely fine, is to act fine. You’re fooling no one if you walk into the office with a McDonald’s in hand, sun glasses on and that comfy baggy sweater you peeled off the bedroom floor 3 minutes earlier.

GET DRESSED – Have in mind a fail safe outfit you’re going to wear tomorrow before that first sip of mulled wine even passes your lips. That way you don’t even have to think about it in the morning. Make sure it includes bight colours and high heels. No one will ever think you’d be in that hot pencil shirt and sky high pumps if you were still half cut from the night before.

BLUSH & LIPS – We all know make-up covers a multitude of sins. You’ve probably fallen asleep in last nights slap and your skin feel and looks something like a dry old dish cloth. Get it wiped off and get reapplying. A rosy glow to your cheeks with a fresh gloss of something rouge on your lips will hide the green tone of your sickly face below.

REFUEL – We all know we should have a couple of pints of water before we go to bed after a drinking session but lets face it, most likely you’ve passed out face down in our pillow with all your clothes on so drinking water probably never even crossed your mind. So now get downing, more than likely you have another drinking session tonight so you need to be hydrated ready. Sparkling water is a fave of mine, and coconut water is full of all kinds of good stuff to rehydrate you. Full fat coke is also a goodie – the sugar and caffeine will help get you going in the morning.

KEEP STUM – Don’t moan, don’t grown, you’re trying to convince your boss you’re absolutely not slacking off for a quick desk nap on work time. So even if you’re dying inside you must not make anyone aware of this. Alternatively make an alliance, a old colleague and I used to cover for one another while the other took a little snooze on the sofa in a meeting room (I’m not even joking).

Hopefully faking it just a little bit will have even you convinced you’re doing OK! Now, pass the gin.


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