Gift guide – buying for guys

Well Black Friday has whipped everyone into a bit of a frenzy hasn’t it?  We all seem to have forgotten we’re British – reserved and respectable; choosing instead to adopt a more manic, crazed state where we elbow, shove and shout to get at whatever item is displaying a generous 10% off for one day only.

Sales before Christmas was once unheard off, retailers would use the festive season as an excuse to hike the price and squeeze ever last penny out of us. Now it seems they’ve adopted new mind trickery, offering ‘unbeatable’, ‘insane’ offers to make us think that this is the only time ever that we could possibly buy any of this stuff so we much have it now.  As a result we end up spending so much more on stuff we never even intended to get.

I, however, love a bargain and have used the unseasonable sales to make some savvy savings on my Christmas shopping… the stuff I was planning on buying for my friends and family anyway. I avoided the consumerist zombies running wild around Manchester City Centre and got everything online to ensure a maximum state of calm.

Gift guides for girls seem to be everywhere so I thought I would do one for guys seeing as I find them difficult to buy for, every thing my boyfriend wants costs in upwards of £300… I love him but I’m not loaded. I’ve picked out a section of quality mid-range items that shouldn’t break the bank.

  • I love Herschels bags, simple and stylish. Get your man a weekend bag and subtly hint you want more mini-breaks in the new year at the same time.
  • Hipflasks for a cheeky nip!
  • My boyfriend has this thing for fresh, never been worn socks. Special occasion are marked with a new pair so it’s good to have some in reserve.
  • So if I were to buy this Diesel t-shirt it would be more for me… my man is ripped and look FIT in this style of top, all tight over his arms (OK, I’ll stop it now).
  • Worker’s Soap for a the man that’s good with his hands, for a ‘heavy duty, capable clean’ with a ‘hardy and strapping’ scent.
  • What man doesn’t love a gadget? If pester power works then he’ll be getting a GoPro for Christmas.

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