Elvive Fibrology

Don’t you just love how brands make up words as part of their marketing bullshit to sell stuff to us?  What the fuck is Fibrology anyway?? Well it worked, I was suckered in and bought this thickening shampoo from L’Oreal Elvive that promises ‘luxurious-looking body & bounce’.
In some ways I was bless in the hair department, I was given amazing platinum blonde locks the kind that people pay hundreds of pounds trying to replicate (or so every hair dresser I’ve ever had likes to tell me). In other ways I was not, my hair is so fine, limp and lifeless. It’s one of the reasons I cut it so short in an attempt the conceal the fact that I actually have the hair of a five year old.

I’m a sucker for any product that claims to answer my pleas for bouncy think locks. One TV ad (a terrible advert at that I would like to add) was all it took for me to go and buy this shampoo and conditioner. Now that I’ve used it all up, here’s what I thought –

  • It smells divine
  • I’m not entirely sure it did anything to thicken my hair

So there you have it! It was nice to use, and didn’t have any negative effects on my hair, but didn’t wow me either.  It’s pretty inexpensive, I might buy it again but then again I wasn’t blown away by it so I might pick something different instead in my endless pursuit in finding hair with any kind of volume.


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