Some Kind A Gross

I was bought this Benefit set a while back.  I’d not really used Benefit much before but it’s a nice little kit and always nice to be bought something that you can try for new.

Rather than review the whole set at this point I just want to pick out one product from it, ‘Some Kind a Gorgeous’ foundation. I ran out of all of my usual MAC foundation and also my every day BB cream and being totally skint thought I would raid my cosmetic supplies to see what else I had in there that I could use.

I read about Benefit all the time and hear great things so though I give the little foundation cream supplied in this set ago. I can confirm that this foundation stinks! It smells so bad, stinky plastic like that from a imitation Barbie doll, and that’s really not the vibe I’m going for. It’s so off putting when applying to your face and it lingers for hours too.

The back of the packet describes as it for a ‘faker’ look. I really don’t think smelling like a plastic doll is quite what they meant by fake.

Smell aside, the foundation gives a fairly good, even coverage and is non greasy. It seems to last pretty well throughout the day too. I’ve been wearing it for work and the foundation copes with what erratic air conditioning can do for your skin. It has certainly served its purpose as a substitute before I can get out and buy my usual foundation.

That said, I just can’t get over the smell. I don’t know if it’s just my pot or if it’s all like, this but it’s so strong and so unpleasant that I’m completely put off my this Benefit foundation. I’m afraid I won’t be making a repurchase.


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