Fazenda Manchester

A new restaurant opening in Manchester, that’s new! This city is awash with places to eat especially in Spinningfields, an area which is slowly transforming itself into the culinary hub of the city centre. It’s possible to travel the world without actually stepping more than a few metres. You can experience anything from high end fine dining to street food for that fast snack on the go.

Fazenda is the latest opening to this part of town, a Brazilian barbecue restaurant and bar located on ‘The Avenue’. Spinningfields has clearly been very selective with the retailers and restaurateurs allowed to set up trade within the area, and Fazenda is no exception with a multi million pound investment in the warm, welcoming and stylish dining room and bar.

The concept at Fazenda is one that is new to myself. Once seated you’re welcomed to the ‘salad bar’ a large buffet comprising of everything from sushi to cured meats, Brazilian stew and olives.  It was a bit of a random mix if I’m honest, but all very nice and well presented. When you’ve loaded your plate with your desired accompaniments you head back to your table and flip a little card from red (I’m full, resting or busy tucking in) to green (come at me with your meat).

The meat chefs know as passadores head out from the kitchen to wander among the tables with large skewers of meat, fifteen different types to be exact, from fillet of beef to, beautifully marinated pork belly and the Brazilian delicacy – chicken hearts. They calve your chosen meat for you there at your table all cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Buffet style dining is something I more traditionally associate with lower quality establishments. I had to over look my preconceived ideas while at Fazenda as the food was far from low quality, it was beautiful.  However part of the joy of eating out is being waited on, perhaps I’m just a philistine who needs to embrace the Brazilian culture and get into the spirit of things.

That said, the staff were welcoming and friendly and on hand to advise how to get into the Brazilian swing of things. An Argentinian Malbec accompanied our meal on a recommendation from our knowledgeable waiter.

With so many restaurants on offer in Manchester I’m not sure if Fazenda will become one of my regulars. I did enjoy my visit on this occasion but the food didn’t blow me away and I’m just not sure this style of dining is for me. My boyfriend however, love the fact you could try so many different options eliminating the need to choose from a menu and that you could pretty much stuff your face until you’re ready to pop.

I attended Fazenda during their soft launch period which offered selected people and competition winners complimentary dining and half a bottle of wine per person as part of their training and PR ahead of the grand opening to the public on Friday 7th November. I was not invited to promote Fazenda on my blog and have chosen to write about it of my own free will. Reviews are always an honest and fair representation of my experience.


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