Autumn Nails

It’s been a bit of a mixed weekend in Manchester. Saturday was beautiful throwing out 19 degrees, I went out in standard October attire… a coat, and ended up roasting. Sunday was more what we were used to, grey and drizzly. The sun shining through the trees on Saturday was beautiful, the colours on the turning leaves all orange and red.

Despite the freak heat wave the autumnal colours inspired my nail varnish choice. The colour in question is called ‘Urban Purple’. It looks quite red in this picture but it actually more of an ox blood colour, a deep purple red. I love Rimmel nail polish, I’d say 85% of the bottles I own are by Rimmel. I took the time to do a proper base coat and top coat (Rimmel Nail Nurse) which always makes sure the polish stays put for pushing a week. I have done nothing all weekend, so thought nothing of giving the time to make sure they dried properly, doing a little jig around my room to the Ella Henderson album as I did.

It’s a week until pay day so as per I’m completely skint, however I really wanted to treat myself especially with not doing anything else all weekend, I took the walk to the local boots and spent some of my advantage card points. I love getting a freebie. I’ve been after a glittery polish for ages to go one top of my colours, this one is Starlight by Barry M. So far it seems OK, I’ve not used Barry M nail polish before so time will tell.


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