The Simple Things

I read so much about fancy expensive beauty products or make-up that’s so dolled up that it’s really not wearable for everyday. I love reading about these aspiring products in the vein hope that one day I might have enough Boots advantage points to afford them, however what I really want to know about are those fail safe, go to, everyday high street essentials.

Like the humble face wipe for example, I’ve used all sorts of different ones over the years. I have to confess, I wasn’t really a huge fan of them. I tended to keep them for festivals and laziness after a late night out! A quick wipe off of my make up before collapsing face down in my pillow. They left my skin feeling dry and unscrubbed. I always went for the cheap own brand ones, I thought ‘it’s a face wipe was difference between them can there really be?’
That was until I tried these Simple wipes. I picked them up on a whim, probably on offer, and I’ve used them everyday since. I have combination skin, the most annoying of skin types, my face is like an oil slick in some parts and a desert in others. These so called ‘oil balancing’ wipes seem to cope with my skin type just right. They remove all make up to leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying out the skin.
I use every evening before washing my face now, and they really are just a nice simple product. They’re affordable and for me, more fit for purpose than the other wipes I’ve tried. I haven’t looked back. It’s great to find an everyday essential product that has a feeling of luxury because it suites you perfectly without having to fork out over the odds.

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