Everyday Clutch

I’m loving the everyday clutch at the minute. The clutch has always been my go to bag for the evening, but the day time I’ve usually stuck to the ordinary shoulder or arm back… the type that will hold your lunch, and the kitchen sink.

The idea of carrying a clutch bag all day long is one that doesn’t sound all that sensible to me, I’m the sort of person that will put it down to look at something and then forget to pick it back up again. There’s also the issue of not having enough hands available, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried but it’s not easy to juggle a clutch, your morning latte and have a conversation on the phone.

That said I just love the chic minimal look a clutch bag for day time. It stands out from the crowds of oversized ‘it bags’. It’s sophisticated and uncluttered – both inside and out, it forces you to not carry round all that unnecessary crap. Seriously, I have a camcorder in my bag (why?).

Forced to hold your bag in hand gives the neck and shoulders a well deserved rest too. If ever there was a reason to go out and buy a new handbag it’s because it’s good for your health.

So despite my klutziness and pretty much guarantee to leave it lying around I’m going to start giving the everyday clutch a go. If nothing else to help cleanse my everyday life of the clutter I haul from home to work, to the gym and the shops and then out for drinks.


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