Peppermint Rescue

“It’s been two weeks now and all we’ve managed to do is make Regina’s face smell like a foot.”

According to my boyfriend my feet are disgusting. Personally I don’t think it’s my feet that are disgusting but all feet that are disgusting. But it’s safe to say that years of cramming my tutsies into six inch heels and slipping on the trainers for 10K runs hasn’t exactly helped them look as dainty as Cinderella’s.

So in reaction to these shameful comments from my dearly beloved I’ve taken drastic measures to make my feet look polished and perfect. OK, so it’s not that drastic but given that I’m quite lazy when it come to any kind of beauty regime it quite a life shift.

Never one to shy away from a bargain I picked up a pamper package especially for feet from the Body Shop outlet store. The Body Shop is so underrated these days (so 90’s), I love their products and they all smell divine.

It was actually quite nice to take some time out of my day to soak my feet in some warm water and give myself a little foot massage. The Body Shop pumice scrub is great for the removing any dry skin from the surface. It will have you in stitches though, the little exfoliating bits are proper tickly.

The file thing is totally gross but also completely necessary. Hearing about someone else is feet really isn’t pleasant so I’ll spare you the details. You know what to do.

The intensive foot rescue is like a monsoon after a long drought. It’s so soft silky and, as the name suggests, intensely moisturising. You only need to use it a couple of time a week to keep the dry, cracked heels at bay.  Body Shop should really issue the cream with a warning though, attempting to walk on wooden or tiled floors shortly after applying will result in a Bambi on ice kind of scenario.

My newly revived and pedicured feet clearly needed some sassy nails to match. This bring orange adds a little sunshine to the autumn days. I’m hoping one or two warm ones keep creeping through so I can get my peep toes out.


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