Getting Ripped

I am currently obsessed with distressed denim, my Pintrest feed is flooded with elegant ladies in sky high heels and casual oversized shirts wearing them so perfectly. I imagine that if I too wore distressed denim then I would ooze such grace.

We’re an odd bunch aren’t we, to think that taking a pair of jeans and making them look as if they’re worn out and ready for the recycling can actually be considered so stylish. I have a pair of well worn black jeans that I am going to attempt to distress myself.

Personally I prefer skinny to boyfriend but rips in both style are seemingly popular at the moment. I’ve seen several different way of distressing denim yourself from cheese graters to a good old pair of scissors. I have a tendency to fall over a lot, so who knows, I may event be able to naturally create at hole in my jeans through my own clumsiness.

The jeans I plan to distress are a washed out black/grey, I prefer the smaller subtle tears to the wear created by the grater so I think I’ll start with the scissors and see how I get on.


Your comments are welcomed

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