Festival Life


I’ve just got back for Kendal Calling festival.  I’ve had an amazing weekend of music, crazy leggings and fun with my friends. Arriving at the festival, pitching our tent and cracking open the first can of cider gave me an enormous amount of pleasure and got me thinking, why can’t I live my whole life at a festival?  I’m never happier then when I’m jumping up and down to my favourite band and going to bed on the ground… take me back!

Probably sounds hell to most people. Kenal Calling is such a friendly festival, what I love about it is that for those few short days you’re transported into another world with like minded people without a care in the world.  Alas, this was my last festval for 2013, I’ll have to wait until next year to get my next fix.

I loved seeing Basement Jaxx and DJ Yoda was so much fun but my biggest musical highlight has to be London Grammar, I can’t wait to see more from these guys.  Not heard of them?  Check them out on YouTube here.


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