Real Radio at Tatton Park 80s Night

Real Radio at Tatton Park 2013 

Real Radio’s marketing strategy has a big focus on building off air experiences that reflect the on air proposition to draw in new listeners and to drive loyalty with existing ones.

Real Radio is feel good radio delivering family friendly entertainment in the community conveyed with enthusiasm and fun.

Real Radio at Tatton Park 80s Night

Tatton Park Picnic Concerts and Real Radio operate a co-promotion, Real Radio provides on-air and online support in the lead up to the event to drive tickets sales. Real Radio also appear at the event with a presenter hosting on stage and the promotional team on the ground.

The Picnic Concerts and Real Radio share the same demographic so the event offers the radio station a great opportunity to target people in their core audience. In my position as Marketing Executive for Real Radio I created an integrate campaign that allowed the Real Radio brand to get maximum exposure from the event.

The campaign started with promotional trails and presenter reads on air to raise awareness of the event and drive ticket sales, supported with a microsite within Competition to win tickets to the event was also undertaken on-air and online to incite excitement and interest.

At the event Real Radio weekday afternoon presenter, Jo Lloyd, hosts on stage. The Real Radio logo is used within the stage banner branding. Also within the event, I created experiential activity for my promotional team to undertake that was fun, friendly, entertaining and encouraged spreading the word about the radio station.

I produced an 80s themed branded photo frame and procured 80s fancy dress costumes. The street team interacted with concert goers to encourage them to dress up and get their picture taken  in our frame. Once photographed, concert goers were given a calling card with details of where they could find the photos (Real Radio website and Facebook) and encouraged them to Like, Tag and Share their picture.

Experiential marketing activities encourage customers to interact with brands in a more sensory way which provokes emotion. These personal experiences between consumers and brands build stronger connections between the two increasing brand awareness and building on the brand image. Experiential marketing allows consumers to experience the product or services for themselves rather than just being told about it, this helps customers to make more informed decisions and can promote great brand loyalty.

The promotional team captured over a hundred groups of concert goers with the majority receiving at least one interaction on Facebook. The Facebook interaction allows the photos, which clearly show the Real Radio brand, to be seen by the individual social media friends helping to market the radio station beyond the realms of the event.

Based on the number of people in attendance, the amount of groups the promotional team interacted with at the event and the social media interactions post event; the campaign was seen as successful at exposing the brand to prospective new listening audience as well as being a positive brand experience for those who already listen.


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