A healthy reminder

Fitness Motivation

I sit here scoffing a large bag of Doritos and glancing over my past blog posts thinking about what area to write about today.  Then I stumble over some notes setting out my ambitious fitness regime to help improve my climbing, I’m now glancing down at the bag of Doritos and feeling very guilty.  Today seems like a good time to reassess my progress on the health and fitness front.

I will fully admit that this week I have fallen off the wagon, a heavy weekend last week at Manchester’s Parklife Festival has left me feeling exhausted and as a result I have had no motivation or energy to get in the gym and I have been craving junk food.  However, the weeks that have preceded this one I’ve actually been doing pretty well.  At the beginning of April I joined a gym right by work.  This is a rather nice gym, but it comes with a rather un-nice price tag.  It turns out the biggest motivation I needed was to start paying a fortune for the gym.  I wake every morning saying to myself, “you will bloody go, you’re paying enough for the membership”.

As a result I’ve been going between 3 and 6 times a week. That seems like quite a big variation, but a busy couple of months at work and also going on holiday as meant that I’ve not always been in the city to be able to actually go.  The goal I am working towards however, is to go 6 times a week, every week!  The one day I don’t go is the day that I will go climbing.  To many this might seem a little excessive, however a couple of those days may be spent swimming rather than a hard workout in the gym.

I’ve found that I have become quite addicted to going to the gym.  The changes that I see in my body are rewarding and the feeling I get from the endorphins is amazing.  One friend said to me the other day that she just doesn’t have the time to go, I’ve been guilty of making that statement too, however now I make time.  If I know I have plans in the evening then I will get up and go in the morning, I still go to bed pretty late but the exercise means that my sleep is better quality and I feel more refreshed in the morning then I ever used to.

The trainers in my gym set a workout program tailored to my individual needs, I told them my fitness goals and problems areas and they created a regime that would help me to achieve it.  This has been a huge help for me, there’s no slacking off because I know how many reps I need to do and how much resistance to put on, and I stick to it.  In the beginning I called this my suicide workout as it nearly killed me and my muscles took days to recover, but now I’m seeing progress and it’s stopped hurting so much.  Now I’ve got to this stage it’s time to see the trainer again and start upping it a bit more.

Another thing I have found quite useful to help keep me motivated is too look at inspirational quotes and pictures on the likes of Twitter and Instagram searching the likes of #fitspiration and #gymspiration  – sounds cheesy, but for me it really works.

Just writing this post as made me want to put down the crisps, stop making excuses about how tired I am and get off my fat, lazy arse!


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