Captain Optimism

OptimismMy Dad having been a senior manager for most of his career had to learn to be an inspirational leader to inspire and motivate his team.  He brought a lot of this home with him and tought my brother, sister and I to have a positive mental attitude. He told us we create our own path in life and we can achieve anything we want if we believe in it and work hard for it.  Quite the philosopher I distinctly remember for my 15th birthday he bought me the book, The Dice Man, and a birthday card depicting the James Dean quote – “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

I left home nine years ago but I have never forgotten any of, what felt like at the time, his preachings. Life has thrown all sorts of things at my family and I since then but not once have I let anything defeat my high spirits for too long. We know only too well that life is short and precious not to live it to the max and make everyday count.  I feel genuinly postive about the life I’ve lead so far and want the same for the life still to come. But in short, who doesn’t love a super hero cartoon?


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