Can’t believe this is my job


Wow what a few weeks it’s been, but it has left me with a very satisfying feeling and the urge to pinch myself and ask, is this really what I do for a job.  Radio and events management life if a crazy one as you can imagine, it might have so called ‘unsociable hours’ but there’s no greater feeling than standing side of stage watching the audience’s reaction to a show that I’ve put together.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve put on a intimate show with Stooshe in Cardiff, seen four month of hard graft come together in the form of a one day rock festival in Manchester, and then managed an exclusive gig with the boy band Blue.  To top it all off somewhere in the middle of all that I hiked up 5 mountains for charity.

When I was at school I organised charity days and the Year 11 Leavers Ball, if you had told my 16 year old self that one day I could be organising events for a living I wouldn’t have believed it. I certainly wouldn’t have believed those events were live music ones for a radio station. I feel honored that I get to do this… today Mockfest, tomorrow Glastonbury?


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