Musical Hot Water Bottle

They say that everyone has that one thing they are exceptionally good at.  For some it might be running or painting, others spelling or chilli eating.  I’ve long been wondering what my forte could be I’m pretty good at many things but something that I’m truly exceptional at… well recently my friends have led me to believe that my specialist subject is making playlists.

My relentless obsession with music, rummaging the internet for new and interesting sounds and the endless hours of radio I consume (come with the territory), not to mention the millions of pounds I spend on festival and gig tickets means that I’ve usually got something up my sleeve.

Most recently my ‘Musical Hot Water Bottle’ playlist has proved particularly popular. Yes I may have nicked the name from Annie Mac’s show on Radio 1, but the playlist promises to deliver 2 hours of big, giant warm hugs of music perfect to sooth you to sleep after those wild nights out or ease you through the hangover the following day.

The playlist is over on Spotify for anyone to enjoy, if you subscribe you’ll see when I add a new track to it too.

Musical Hot Water Bottle Playlist


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