I am not a morning person, it’s rare that anything makes me sit up in bed earlier than I need to; but one morning in October last year a song came on the radio that did just that. The song was ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ by AlunaGeorge. The songs cool and unique sound stood out from the usual pop playing out on the airwaves at this time of the morning.

An hour or so later once sat at my desk I conducted a fervent online search for more on this lustrous, previously unheard of (to me), act. I discovered AlunaGeorge is a duo from London made up of Aluna Francis as vocalist and producer George Reid.

Hopping onto Spotify I find an EP released back in April 2012 called ‘You Know You Like It’, and yes AlunaGeorge, I do like it! I share a couple of tracks with my best mate, similarly his ear pricked curiosity and we soon discover the double act is heading to our fine city in November and tickets were swiftly purchased.

The sold out AlunaGeorge’s gig at Deaf Institute on 21st November 2012 was short and sweet. George Reid was recently quoted saying, “It would feel slightly arrogant to assume that people would want an encore”. Humbling words from someone who received immense applause after the Deaf Institute gig and an audience (I speak for myself) who definitely wanted more.

Still so fresh to the music scene and with only one EP and a couple of singles, AlunaGeorge’s back catalogue is limited. However a surprise cover was added to their repertoire as the Deaf Institute crowd were treated to a rendition of Montell Jordan’s ‘This is How We Do It’. The attendance at that gig was made up of, what appeared to be, pretty diehard fans already; with everyone singing out all the words to ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ and ‘You Know You Like It’ and dancing along with Ms Francis.

This original breed of catchy electronic, R&B pop is a breath of fresh air, something which is clearly agreed by the critics with the duo shortlisted for both the Brits Critics’ Choice award and the BBC’s Sound of 2013 poll.

AlunaGeorge are certainly one of my ‘ones to watch in 2013’; and we learn today that the debut album, which will be called ‘Body Music’, is to be released in June. A little too long to wait for me I feel, as fan I enthusiastically anticipate more for this bold act.


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